Evropská žurnalistická soutěž Union is strenght

15. 12. 2021

The French website Slate.fr – which is a French version of the American one Slate.com – is launching a competition of European journalism called «Union is strength».

The idea of the project is to bring together one young French journalist below 30 years old and one young journalist from another country of the European Union to write together two articles about two projects financed by the European Union in their country. The 20 best articles will be published on Slate’s website of the competition and in a media partner in your country. Each winning team will receive an award of 1 500 euros.

We plan to open the call for applications in Octobre and to select the best pitches in January next year. Those selected will then do their reportage and articles between February and April so that we publish them between March and the summer 2022.

Peggy Corlin, Cheffe de projet Union is Strength, e-mail: peggy.corlin@slate.fr.

The competition is now open!
All the information can be found on this website.

To apply, the students will have to find a story related to a project financed by the EU in their country and to get in touch with a French journalist on the Forum we have created.

Due to the epidemic situation in some EU countries and following the requests of several candidates, Slate.fr has decided to postpone until 17 January 2022 the deadline to apply to its contest Union Is Strength.

The journalists who wish to participate can register on the online forum of the contest to meet other journalists and form their teams in view of their candidature.

The competition is open to all journalists under 30 years old.

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